Setting Up Windows Fortran Development

If you’re just getting started with Fortran and your primary computer is Windows, figuring out how to get everything you need installed and configured can be a bit tricky. In this post I’ll provide links and some details for how I set up a Windows machine for doing Fortran development. Your mileage may of course vary, but this is the setup I prefer.

NOTE: I’ve got a YouTube video available to go along with this post that walks through exactly all the steps to get this all working, so check that out if watching me do it would make it easier.


Install git by downloading the installer from Some of the options I choose are:

  • Include all the Unix tools in the Windows command prompt
  • fast-forward only for pull behavior
  • checkout Windows line endings and commit Unix line endings
  • change the default branch name to main


The installer at is the best one I’ve found. It just works. Note, when I tried the latest version (11.1) it froze Windows, but the 10.3 version works great.


Download the Windows executable of the latest release from the GitHub page and put it in the folder C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\local\bin with the name fpm.exe. Don’t forget to add that folder to your PATH environment variable as well.


What? Python? Why? The fortran-language-server, which is the backend for some of the Fortran IDE plugin features, is written in Python. Download and install Python from their website. Then use pip to install the package with the command pip install fortran-language-server.


I use the text editor Atom. Download it from here. Once installed, install the following plugins:

  • fortran-language
  • linter-gfortran
  • ide-fortran
  • atom-ide-ui

With all that, you should be ready to develop some Fortran code!

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