A What Test?

We all know what happens when you make assumptions. Of course, when things are obvious to ourselves, we tend not to notice the possibility they may not be obvious to others. Mea culpa, I made exactly that mistake recently. But in my aspirations to teach software development, that provides me with a great opportunity. I … Continue reading A What Test?

Which kinds are real?

A discussion starting on the Fortran Discourse, got me thinking about how Fortran libraries should support multiple kinds of floating point numbers? I immediately recalled Dr. Fortran's blog post, but that didn't really consider the idea from a library developer's perspective, just a standalone application developer. That's understandable since at that time there wasn't an … Continue reading Which kinds are real?

Setting Up Windows Fortran Development

If you're just getting started with Fortran and your primary computer is Windows, figuring out how to get everything you need installed and configured can be a bit tricky. In this post I'll provide links and some details for how I set up a Windows machine for doing Fortran development. Your mileage may of course … Continue reading Setting Up Windows Fortran Development

The Fortran Package Manager’s First Birthday

It was about 1 year ago that I attended my first Fortran standards committee meeting, more formally known as a J3 committee meeting. It was there that I met some brilliant people I'm now happy to call colleagues. It was a very interesting experience, and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in learning about how … Continue reading The Fortran Package Manager’s First Birthday

With A Little Help From My Friends

I spent last week at my first Fortran Standards Committee meeting. It was a pretty interesting experience. Everyone there was brilliant, and interested in trying to do a good job improving the language. And yet, it was still somehow very disfunctional. The committee is comprised mainly of representatives from compiler vendors/writers, with a few representatives … Continue reading With A Little Help From My Friends

Like Miracle Grow For Your Garden

In the last post I did about the Vegetables testing framework I developed, I talked about how much of a success it had been. Now I've cranked it up to 11. I've now got what is effectively QuickCheck level functionality implemented in a Fortran testing framework. For anyone not familiar with QuickCheck, it is effectively … Continue reading Like Miracle Grow For Your Garden