A What Test?

We all know what happens when you make assumptions. Of course, when things are obvious to ourselves, we tend not to notice the possibility they may not be obvious to others. Mea culpa, I made exactly that mistake recently. But in my aspirations to teach software development, that provides me with a great opportunity. I … Continue reading A What Test?

Difficulties With Test Metrics

The answer to the question of whether we should write automated test suites has largely been settled. We absolutely should write unit tests, and possibly even integration and end-to-end tests. But as acceptance of this practice grew, and adoption became more widespread, a follow-up question arose; How many tests should we write? How do we … Continue reading Difficulties With Test Metrics

Like Miracle Grow For Your Garden

In the last post I did about the Vegetables testing framework I developed, I talked about how much of a success it had been. Now I've cranked it up to 11. I've now got what is effectively QuickCheck level functionality implemented in a Fortran testing framework. For anyone not familiar with QuickCheck, it is effectively … Continue reading Like Miracle Grow For Your Garden