Coming Soon

  • Intermediate Fortran
  • Advanced Fortran
  • Git Started
  • Advanced Git

Open Source Work

  • fpm – Fortran Package Manager
  • Vegetables – An open source Fortran testing framework
  • Hedge – An open source Haskell testing framework
  • ISO_VARYING_STRING – Implementation of the Fortran ISO_VARYING_STRING module in accordance with the standard
  • STRFF – Strings For Fortran: A library of string functions for Fortran
  • ERLOFF – Errors and Logging For Fortran
  • QUAFF – Quantities For Fortran: Make math with units more convenient
  • PARFF – Parser For Fortran: A functional style parser combinator library
  • JSONFF – Json for Fortran
  • FortranShaker – A docker container with the tools necessary to compile Fortran code using the Shake build system, making CI for Fortran code easier
  • SQLiteFF – SQLite for Fortran
  • MATTERFF – A system for tracking the make up of matter at the isotopic level
  • PyLiDiRe – Python emulation of Fortran’s List-Directed Read functionality

To Do/Ideas

  • argff – A command line argument parser framework
  • gnuplotff – an interface to gnuplot for plotting stuff