Stick to Your Principles

I've been using Fortran for a long time, but I've only recently started interacting with people trying make changes to the language. It's been a bit of an eye opening experience. I had intuitions about what it would be like and how things happen in language design, but now I've got first hand experience, and … Continue reading Stick to Your Principles

Like Miracle Grow For Your Garden

In the last post I did about the Vegetables testing framework I developed, I talked about how much of a success it had been. Now I've cranked it up to 11. I've now got what is effectively QuickCheck level functionality implemented in a Fortran testing framework. For anyone not familiar with QuickCheck, it is effectively … Continue reading Like Miracle Grow For Your Garden

A Less Obnoxious Assistant

My last rendition of my Home Assistant Configuration (which you can read about here) was left in a rather obnoxious state. My wife isn't particularly good about checking her notifications regularly, so while I was at work, I would get a notification every 10 minutes for a while, until my wife finally realized she should … Continue reading A Less Obnoxious Assistant