New Toys

This effectively a direct copy of my last Arch Install post, but with modifications for my new laptop. It's a System76 Darter Pro, and so it a has a few differences from the Lenovo Yoga 13 I had before. The following are the steps I took in order to get Arch installed and running with … Continue reading New Toys

A Less Obnoxious Assistant

My last rendition of my Home Assistant Configuration (which you can read about here) was left in a rather obnoxious state. My wife isn't particularly good about checking her notifications regularly, so while I was at work, I would get a notification every 10 minutes for a while, until my wife finally realized she should … Continue reading A Less Obnoxious Assistant

Home Assistant Setup On Raspberry Pi 3B+

First, download the installation image from here. Then, unzip the image. Connect the SD card you are going to put in your Raspberry Pi, and then write the image to the card. Make sure you get the write device for the of= part. dd will overwrite whatever is there, even if it is your system drive. I … Continue reading Home Assistant Setup On Raspberry Pi 3B+